Die Analogie des Lebens und der Erkenntnis : Franz von Baader und das neue Denken der Naturwissenschaft

Zovko, Marie-Élise (2004) Die Analogie des Lebens und der Erkenntnis : Franz von Baader und das neue Denken der Naturwissenschaft. Aufgang : Jahrbuch für Denken, Dichten, Musik. pp. 101-129.


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This paper explores the prerequisites of a knowledge of life itself. In recent research, not philosophers, but scientists, have attempted to answer the question: "What is Life?". The problem was framed in terms of contemporary physical theory by Schrödinger, when he posed the dual question with regard to the second law of thermodynamics of 1) heridity: how do living things make order out of order? and 2) metabolism: how do living things make order out of disorder, i.e. how do they maintain themselves in dynamic stability far from thermodynamic equilibrium, creating and maintaining complex systems, despite the tendency of complex molecular structures to decay. Correspondingly, Fritjof Capra characterises living systems, as "open systems", since they require a continuous supply of energy in order to construct and maintain the complex, centrally organized structures which enable them to exist as living beings. In order to explain the genesis of life and complexity from relatively simple inorganic structures, new conceptual models are required. Capra sees in the Santiago theory of cognition one possibility for explaining the production and maintenance of dynamic equilibrium in living systems. This theory puts forward a hypothesis already proposed by Plotinus and other philosophers influenced by Platonism, who, contrary to the Cartesian opposition of mind and matter, see a basic identity or analogy between life processes and the process of cognition. According to this conception, intelligence and matter do not belong to two separate categories, but are themselves rather two complementary aspects of the phenomenon of life.

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